Rare Bird Club

Birdlife International

North Macedonia 2022

6-13 June (main tour)
14-18 June (extension)


Step 1: Booking Form

Booking Instructions

To book, please: 

  1. complete the form on this page (quickest);



  2. contact Sarah at Birdlife for a Word document version.

Please Note:

  • One form for each individual, couple, or group of friends sharing a room, i.e. one form per shared hotel room. There is an 'Additional notes' section at the end of the form to inform us about couples of groups of friends requesting doubles, twins or triple rooms.


  • After you click 'Submit' you will be sent to a page with confirmation instructions


  • You will receive a copy of the form by email. Please check all details are correct.


  • The above email may arrive in your Spam folder.


  • Please contact Sarah at BLI with any questions.

Booking Form

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Tour (check all that apply)

Couples sharing a room can fill in one form and put both names on the next page.
Friends sharing a twin room can do the same, OR

fill in one form each and tell us whom they wish to share with via the 'Additional Notes' section on the next page.