Secrets of Southern Albania


How to Book

  1. Complete the Booking Form
    The easiest way is the electronic form to the right.

    But you can also complete and send the form by:

    • Email/Post (download this Word document); or

    • Contact us to request we post you a paper copy.


  2. Payment
    At the end of the Booking Form, you can decide how to pay your deposit​. If you email or post it, we will send you an invoice.


  3. Next Steps
    After we receive your Booking Form, we will write to confirm the information you submitted.

    In due course, we will ask you for details of your emergency contacts, medical and dietary needs, as well as whether you are interested in any add-on any extras or wish to arrive before the tour or stay later. 

    A month before the tour we will send you a pack with contact information for hotels, tour leaders and consulates, together with advice on what to pack.

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0044 7506 381 757

0044 7506 381 757

Balkan Tracks

Balkan Tracks