Cyprus - Birds PLUS

Delights of spring migration 'twixt Europe & Africa


21 - 28 March 2020




4 - 7




£1,695 (land only) + sgl. sup

Enjoy Cyprus's endemic birds, with spring migration in full swing over the Eastern Mediterranean.

Home to Cretzschamar's bunting, black francolin & zitting cisticola

and three endemics: Cyprus scops owl, Cyprus warbler & Cyprus wheatear.


g. spiridakis


Join Giorgos Spiridakis on this custom-designed tour of his home patch.

Giorgos has spent his career guiding birders in the northern Greek wonderlands of Kerkini, Dadia and Evros. But as he's Cyrpus born and bred we gave him a blank piece of paper and said, "fancy designing a tour of your favourite places - known and secret"? 


The island's not just fantastic for birds of course, and Giorgos has picked some of his favourite places for long lunches, where he'll be able to tell you about life on the island whilst you stroll around some of its old villages and historical sites. 

We only run tours for small groups of four to seven, allowing for a relaxed feel throughout.

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g. spiridakis

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Day 1:

Days 1-4:

Day 5:

Day 6:

Day 7: 

Day 8: 

Arrival in Paphos

Paphos & Surrounds


Larnaca Salt Lake

Kavo Greko

Departure - Paphos (or Larnaca)


Yiorgos on the NW coast - Photo: Y. Theodoropoulos​

Birds & Wildlife​


Other delights​

  • Residents like the spur-winged lapwing

  • Rollers and other passage migrants

  • SE European highlights: Masked shrike 

  • The colour changing Starred agama lizard

  • Spring wildflowers in full bloom


  • Explore the Paphos coastline

  • Mediterranean scrubland & valleys

  • Remnants of traditional farmland 

  • Two large and shallow salt lakes

  • Dramatic peninsulas


  • UNESCO Paphos Ruins & Mosaics

  • Monastery of Panaghia of Sinti

  • Tekke of Hala Sultan

  • Hillside villages (where Giorgos grew up!)

  • Seafood, home cooking and good wines


We stroll by at a rambling pace, with plenty of time for relaxed lunches and Cyprus's non-feathered gems.

In the arid surrounds of SE Europe, the island's numerous salt lakes and wetlands are a boon for birds.

A mountainous island in the middle of the Mediterranean, Cyprus is perfectly placed for spring migration.



Bird List

Full itinerary

PDF Documents


Below are the main sites that we visit.

For a detailed itinerary click here

And for a print-friendly itinerary, here

Day 1 – Arrival in Paphos

  • Meet Giorgos at Pafos airport (Larnaca option - see FAQs).

  • Travel to the guesthouse (out in the countryside) and then birding at nearby areas for the rest of the day.

  • Paphos for four nights


Days 2-4: Paphos & Surrounds

  • Some of the most interesting birding and wildlife spots along with areas with traditional farming and agriculture practices.

  • Archaeological sites (Paphos lighthouse mosaics) and old monasteries (Panagia tou Sinti), abandoned villages.

Day 5: Akrotiri 

  • Visit the Akrotiri peninsula with the largest salt lake of the island and the different habitats it combines. We’ ll visit also the information centre of the area.

  • Overnight in Larnaca for three nights

Day 6: Larnaca Salt Lake


  • Visit Larnaca area (salt lake and coastline)

  • Lake of Oroklini

  • Hala Sultan Tekke


Day 7: Kavo Greko


  • Kavo Greko peninsula and information center

Day 8 – Departure - Paphos (or Larnaca)



Early morning birding before returning to Paphos for afternoon flights. 

ALTERNATIVELY, you could stay in Larnaca and either fly home or extend your stay. See OPTIONS

Blue-cheeked bee-eater

Kentish plover

Spur-winged lapwing

Bonelli's eagle

Alpine swift

Great spotted cuckoo

Cyprus pied wheatear

Isabelline wheatear

Long-legged buzzard

Chukar partridge

How best to describe a Birds PLUS tour?

It’s a ramble with a small group through the Cypriot landscape. This means that everyone sits together for meals and you have the opportunity to properly chat with everyone along the way.


Our Birds PLUS tours have a more relaxed pace and sometimes we'd rather just relax in a spot, take it in and come what may. People have lived on Cyprus for millennia too, so Giorgos will show you a little of his island's history. He's selected outdoor sites, so there's no restriction on nature spotting - the tour is still focused on birds and Giorgos is a local, expert birderWhether it's the Cyprus warbler or the Paphos mosaics, each day is packed full of new experiences, ready for friendly conversation over good food in the evenings.


Important note: if you're looking for a dedicated birding tour and maximising time in the field from dusk to dawn, then we'd be happy to customise this itinerary for individuals and groups. Our contact details are at the bottom of the page. 



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Cretzschmar bunting
Cretzschmar bunting

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The tour route
The tour route

In and out of Paphos, but with an option for Larnaca

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Kavo Greko
Kavo Greko

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Cretzschmar bunting
Cretzschmar bunting

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