From spring until autumn, join Haris and his friendly bees for an hour or two.


Learn about the bee year and hear how Haris makes organic honey, propolis and balsams.





Secrets of bees and honey


Haris lives and works around the unknown Kleines valley.


Groups up to 4 people can join him and see into his hives.


He'll explain the roles of the queen, workers and males,

how they make honey and wax, and how he harvests it.


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Photos and videos

Preparing frames

Modern hives have 10 frames inside, on which bees lay eggs and make honey. Haris shows us the easy way to prepare a new frame, which can last 2 or 3 years.

Catching bees

Haris gets an unexpected call from his cousin, who has a bee colony setting up camp in his garden.  We rush over to see how a queen and her workers are caught.




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