Jack's Games

Hey Jack. How you doing?


You're going to see loads of cool stuff next week.

But first we want to introduce you to some of the new friends you're going to meet.


Watch a video about how to find bears. And play some games!



See you soon!



First watch the video

(you might need mum and dad's help to pause it and rewind)


When you arrive we'll give you a present - the leaflet for the video!

You can see the leaflet below. Click to make the pictures bigger.


Next... play the games!

A Word Search!

This one's easy.

Match the clue!

You might need to do this in a team with dad.

Can you draw the animals?

Click to enlarge


There are more than 200 types of bird in Prespa

But here are our Top Five.

How many can you remember?


Europe's biggest bird!

A water bird


The pelicans best friend!

A water bird


You'll see lots of these Birds of Prey

Meadows and praries


Europe's little dragon

A water bird

Hooded crow

Can you see his hood?

Meadows and praries


It's not just Batman who loves bats.

We do too!

Watch the video to learn more...

We've got a bat detector!

In the evenings we'll try to identify some bats





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