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High Summer in the High Peak
Derbyshire Days

with Mark Cocker



"North Derbyshire is justifiably renowned as one of England’s most wildlife rich regions. It is also famous for the diversity of its landscapes, from the dark tops of Kinder Scout to the beautiful ashwoods of the limestone dales, where the trees are often so furred with mosses and epiphytes that they look like temperate rainforest.

In the eighteenth century Daniel Defoe found the gritstone areas so forbidding that he spoke of a ‘waste and houling wilderness’ and judged them to be among England’s wildest places. Today we appreciate them better, not only for the glorious late-summer display of flowering heather but also for the presence of breeding ravens and peregrines, which have returned here after 150 years of persecution.

Equally wonderful are the White Peak areas, with their reticulated pattern of drystone walls and the their limestone-loving flora, which is at its best in late summer."


Mark Cocker

© G. Spiridakis


Photo highlights


The Tour at a Glance

Day 1: Buxton and Lightwood

Check-in at 1pm for a 2pm depart to

Lightwood - orchids, foxglove and

willow warbler song

Day 2: Chee and Millers Dales

Old railway line in the River Wye valley.

Two Wildlife Trust reserves with limestone.

Flowers in their pomp.

Days 3: Dane Bower

More austere, open character of moorland.

Curlews, golden plover and lapwing.

Wolf Edge and Gradbach.

Days 4: Kinder Scout

Start of the Pennine Way, but we stay at the 

bottom edges looking for red grouse, redstarts

and mountain hare.

Picnic lunch and back to the hotel for 3pm.

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We strongly recommend that you extend your stay by a night or two, before or after the tour, to explore the town of Buxton itself.


Reviews of 360 Degrees

"Thank you both so much for a wonderful week - so full of richness and food for thought - the 360-degree experience is not only wide but also deep!"


Sheila, Prespa 2018

"I think the makings of your trip are the variety: in the birds, the wildflowers, the other wildlife - tortoise, snakes, mammals and insects etc., - the landscapes and habitats, the cultural experiences – the folk music, ancient history and the food. I also particularly appreciated the walks - down into the gorge and to the viewpoint over it..."


Arne, Zagori 360 Degrees, 2019


22-25 July 2021

29 Jul - 01 Aug 2021

tbc 2022

4 days   6-10ppl

from £750

Walking: gentle pace

500m - 4 miles / day

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