• Christopher Mounsey

So much for hibernation...

Many scientists don't actually class bears as 'true hibernators'. The need to hibernate (a deep, deep sleep where body temperature and the metabolism seriously drops) revolves around the availability of food in winter, and that depends on the local climate. Normally Prespa would have 4 cold months, with plenty of snow, frozen ground and temperatures sometimes below -10c. So bears here certainly need to store fat, move as little as possible, and wait for the spring. But do they hibernate here? Experts think not.

And in a mild winter like 2016, with February days of 20c, the bears may well forage more, knowing that food can be found. Certainly more 'winter sleep' than hibernation.

Sure enough, we've been seeing them on our camera!

Click to start the video. Have a look at our video page, or visit our channels on Vimeo (which is lovely and gorgeous) or YouTube (which is... YouTube) to see more of Balkan wildlife.


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