• Christopher Mounsey


During a fine walk through the forests of Mt Devas in Greek Prespa we came across a long line of prints. It's not easy to distinguish wolf prints from those of sheepdogs, but we'd say these were wolf.

Firstly, the smaller hind paw was always inside or directly behind the larger front, as in the photo, and this continued for over 10m in the mud. Unlike wolves, sheep dogs tend to have larger front shoulders, and so their prints don't fall in a clear line like this.

We were also high on the mountain in winter, when the shepherds and loggers are not in the forests, and so the chance of a dog being there at this time of year is low.

However, the two middle toes of wolves are usually more 'splayed' than dog, meaning that they are wider apart. These seem quite close... it's difficult to be sure!

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