• Christopher Mounsey

A Night at the Badger Sett

Prespa is home to many badgers, who make their homes from the fields around the lakes up until the forests at 1,700m. Wouldn't it be great to have a camera near a sett entrance and try see kittens as they embark on their first adventures into the outside world!

In the UK the peak time for badger births is February, although it could be a little later in Prespa as it's much, much colder here at 850m plus. And then it's a question of waiting a few more weeks until the kittens are old enough to leave the sett.

We stumbled across a great mound of earth near the Lesser Prespa Lake that is covered in thorn bushes. Outside we found a couple of entrances and saw many paths leading into the bush. Fantastically one path is big enough for a crouching human. Once inside the bush we found that the badgers had made a clearing. This was more than we could've hoped for. Rather than have a camera by an entrance hole, we can hopefully see the badgers relaxing outdoors, safe amongst the bushes. So its a perfect place for some cameras.

Below are some shots of activity one night in April. We'll post updates weekly and see when the first kittens arrive!

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