• Christopher Mounsey

Wanderings, clouds and daffodils

Every year there's a particular field outside the village of Oxya in Prespa that puts on a great show of Poet's daffodil (Narcissus poeticus). Not being particularly au fait with Balkan poets we wouldn't know where to start in trying to find one with an anniversary this week. But we do know that April 23rd is the day William Wordsworth's died, a fine English poet and a man known to enjoy a good daffodil. And April 23rd is also the anniversary of both the birth and death of William Shakespeare, another man who dabbled in verse.

Whilst we don't know any local poets, one obvious link to the region is that Narcissus poeticus has a special place in Greek mythology. Some sources tell that Nemisis, goddess of vengeance, turned Narcissus into the flower as a punishment for his vanity. And the plant has been identified by some as that which Persephone was collecting when Hades took her off to the underworld (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Narcissus_poeticus). On a more surer footing, it's also described by the Roman poet, Virgil, in his Eclogues of circa 40BC.

So on this day, whether you're wandering alone of with friends, here's to those inspired by (or turned into) the Poet's daffodil.

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