• Christopher Mounsey

Where Greece and Albania meet

The majority of the Lesser Prespa lake lies in Greece, but a small and especially beautiful sliver of it is home to two Albanian villages, Zagradec and Shuec.

Where the borders lie... somewhere in the middle-ish of this photo

The above photo is taken from the abandoned village of Agnathoto in Greek Prespa, which was evacuated along with the other villages during the Greek Civil War. Possibly due to it being difficult to access it was never re-settled and has been left to nature. It's a glorious spot!

And in the far distance the village of Zagradec can be seen. A village of a few dozen inhabitants, where for the farming year most of its men live in Greece, leaving the village to the women and children, returning only for short holidays.

The village of Zagradec

The blue marker is Agnathoto, the red is Zagradec. The border running NW-SE between them.

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