• Christopher Mounsey

Prespa beans with Thanos - Part One

Winter is cold here, with snow on the mountains and weeks of temperatures below minus. So once the ground thaws, it's all hands to the deck as the farmers ready their crops. Before then, farmers do as much as possible to prepare tools and supplies so that they can get straight into the fields when the temperature rise.

In Greek Prespa, the vast majority of the fields are used for beans. A bean that is famous throughout Greece and the wider region for it's quality. For our first video of the year, we follow Thanos Hantzaras, one of Greek Prespa's organic bean farmers, as he undertakes his first task: cleaning the 40,000 reeds that he'll use to support his beans.

The next video will follow Thanos as the sun comes out and he prepares his field for planting the seeds.

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