• Christopher Mounsey

Short hop to breakfast

Updated: May 8, 2020

One morning last week a couple of hares (Lepus europaeus) stopped by our camera for a nibble on some plants.

Normally they hop past so quick that our camera just sees their bums or the legs. Occasionally they bounder past a little slower, but to stop in front of the camera, in a pair? This is really rare for us. Actually it's the first time in three years!

As well as being super cute, the hare is an important part of the diet of the critically endangered Balkan lynx. There are maybe only 30-40 of this magnificent cat left, so it's incredibly important to not just think about protecting the lynx, but also looking after its prey and the habitats in which they all live.

A team of European and regional NGOs are running the hugely successful Balkan Lynx Recovery Programme, and you can watch a great video about the first 10 years of their work on our blog - click here.

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