• Christopher Mounsey

Fresh bear prints above the village

Updated: May 8, 2020

One of our favourite walks is an hour's circuit through the old fields at the bottom of Ayios Yermanos, crossing the river on an extremely rickety bridge, and then a short climb up to a dirt road the connects Ayios Yermanos to the village below, Laimos, and to the agricultural plains by Lake Great Prespa.

At any time of year it's always enjoyable walking through the fields and terraces, many unused for decades, vaulting over old stone walls. But once on the dirt road, one enjoys panoramic views of the whole river valley; from Mt Varonous above, to the lakes below.

Walking up the road today, we came across, as we so often do, fresh bear tracks.

You should be able to make out the prints in the photo above, or at least the five toe marks. And in the centre right of the photo are the red tile roofs of the houses in Ayios Yermanos, with the Varnous mountain range behind.

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