• Christopher Mounsey

Persistent Mr Fox - Part I

Updated: May 8, 2020

Back in summer 2015, we set a trail camera (Ltl Acorn 6210 - Black Flash) looking into some caves. The caves aren't very big, but we'd seen a lot of tracks and poo around from a variety of mammals, so we thought we might get some good video.

We got some nice video of individual bears, foxes and badgers, which we expected. But we've never seen anything like what we recorded above.

This video started just after midnight, and the chasing back and forth continued for nearly four hours. We can only presume that they are the same animals, and that the wind made it difficult for the meal to be found.


p.s. note for trail camera users. In wet summers, the vegetation grows quickly in front of your camera. A real shame that the view is blocked by the grass in front of the camera. Lesson learnt.

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