• Christopher Mounsey

How many wolves pass in two weeks?

Updated: May 8, 2020

We've been playing with trail cameras for nearly four years. And in that time we've recorded wolves on 4 separate occasions. We've spent days setting cameras high up in the mountains, with no success (although we've recorded lots of great bear footage whilst doing so).

Interestingly, three of the wolf videos we do have aren't in the mountains, but down at lake level. And so is this one. We set the camera in mid-January as the snow was melting, ready to see mammal movement after the big freeze. We didn't expect what we got.

And all in two weeks!

Interestingly, scientists who use trail cameras in wolf areas can also struggle to record wolves. There have been multiple reports of scientists following wolf tracks in a dirt road leading up to a camera, excited to see what the camera has recorded. But then to find that a few metres before the camera, the wolf sensed something amiss, and walked around the camera. Only to continue walking along the road 50m further on. Incredible stuff.

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