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Hikes and beers - Tomoros, Galicica N.P.

Updated: May 8, 2020

What better way to spend Valentine's Day than a quick schlep up an easy route on Galicica with two good friends and two unknown, foreign beers.

Most of the snow had melted and for a February day above 1,200m, we soon got a sweat on climbing up. The absence of snow and warm air meant we also saw the first flowers of the year. They were few in number and we believe they are Colchicum hungaricum.

The peak of Tomoros is 1,680m, but we cheated a little and drove up the road on the mountain pass between the Prespa and Ohrid lakes. We parked the car at 1,265m and started the 2km climb up to the top. Aside from the first 300m from the car, the gradient was very gentle, and the views were terrific for the majority of the walk. Even in the sun and slight haze, we could see Lesser Prespa Lake in Greece, all the way over at the other end of Great Prespa.

Once at the top, Kristijan started the first of two beers. At this point we hand over to him for his reviews:

No. 1 - Byrevestnik Imperial Stout

Brewed by Bakunin Brewery, Russia, it pours almost pitch black with a nice looking tan, creamy head. Aroma of dark fruits, berries, dark chocolate. Creamy, delicious feel in the mouth, well balanced taste.

(ABV): 10,5%

Rating: 8/10

No. 2 - ?

Trondhjem Mikrobryggeri, Norway

Unclear, reddish body. Flavour is sweet, malty, caramel, slightly spicy, moderate bitterness and some fruit. Half-decent Christmas beer in the British tradition

(ABV): 8.00%

Rating: 7/10

On Instagram, follow Kristijan at kjulumovski_beer_cheers for more beer reviews, and Dejan at ddimidzi for his weekly photos from inside Galicica National Park.

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