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Map reading - Vrv Magaro

Updated: May 8, 2020

This is a series of posts that translate natural features on maps. By better understanding where cliffs, streams, valleys, ridges, woods and meadows are, we hope to give visitors a better sense of their new environment and a connection to the inhabitants of the past who long ago used these features to describe and name their land.

Winter on Vrv Magaro - Врв Магаро

Vrv = Peak

Magaro = Donkey

In the past, people grazed their livestock on this mountain, far above their crops and villages, with their donkeys being the only animal able to get to the actual peak. And it’s supposed that that’s where the name comes from, but no one knows for sure.

These photos were taken this week on a winter attempt to reach Magaro, but which fell 300 meters short (the final photo of the summit is from two years ago).

Interestingly, Magaro is considered as the highest point in Galicica National Park, at 2,255m asl, but the title actually belongs to ‘Kota 10’ (2,266 m). Its status as highest peak was ignored in past times because of its close vicinity to the border with Albania. Citizens, including recreational walkers, were banned from being so close to the border. Not so today, when anyone can walk along, but not across, the border. Still, Magaro retains the plaudits amongst people here as the roof of the national park.

Text and photos: Dejan Dimidzievski

Text and photos: Dejan Dimidzievski

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