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Long-legged buzzard

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A Rare Bird Club trip to one of Europe's least-visited countries - North Macedonia.


Surrounded by Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, Kosovo and Serbia, many a nature lover has passed by North Macedonia's lakes, forests and mountains, missing out on its Dalmatian Pelicans, Pygmy Cormorants, Western Rock Nuthatch and Egyptian Vultures.

                Yet the country shares the same climate and topography as its more famous neighbours and is home to the same natural wonders.

The region is also a crossroads of European cultural heritage and has seen the rise and fall of the Macedon, Roman/Byzantine, Bulgarian, Serbian and Ottoman empires. En route, there will be Roman ruins and Byzantine chapels, with their phenomenal wall paintings and mosaics.

© G. Spiridakis

Dalmatian Pelican

Tracks of bears, wolves

& wildcats

1,800+ plant species.


Griffon and Egyptian Vultures, Imperial, Golden and Booted Eagle, Levant Sparrowhawk, Lesser Kestrel and Long-legged Buzzard, maybe even a Lanner Falcon.


Barred, Olivaceous, Olive-tree, Orphean, Sardinian, and Subalpine Warblers.


European Roller, Bee-eater and Hoopoe.


Red-backed, Woodchat and Lesser Grey Shrike... & with a bit of luck Masked too.

Penduline Tits. Pallid Swift. Stone curlew. Ortolan Bunting. Pygmy Cormorants & the world's largest breeding colony of Dalmatian Pelican.


Masked Shrike

E. Subalpine Warbler

200+ butterfly species

Tsar Samuel's basilica

Mosaics at Heraclea

Byzantine wall paintings

© G. Spiridakis


The Tours at a Glance

Main tour

North Macedonia and Greek Prespa

6-13 June 2022 - 8 days
£2,700 (sgl. supp. £130) with £800 to Birdlife

Day 1. Arrival in Thessaloniki, northern Greece

- Dinner and Introduction

Day 2. Axios and Prespa

- Axios Delta Nat. Park – sea birds and waders

- Greek Prespa

Day 3Prespa

- Boat onto Lake Great Prespa

- Isthmus and former agricultural lands

Day 4. Pelagonia & mosaics of Ancient Heraclea

- Pelagonia plains and Heraclea (Bitola)

- Pelister National Park (Bitola)

Day 5. Mariovo

- A day in a near-abandoned landscape

Day 6. Tikves & the Vardar River

- Low hills in the morning, steppe in the afternoon

Full Itinerary - PDF

Greece Extension

Kings, Wine and More Birds

14-18 June 2022 - 5 days

£1,650 (sg. supp. £130) - £200 to BLI

End of Main Tour: Thessaloniki

Optional Dinner and Walk

Day 1 (9). Ancient Macedons

- Morning birding at coast

- Burial complex of Phillip II

Day 2 (10). Lake Kerkini

Flooded Forest

Day 3 (11). Lake Kerkini

Embankments and Quarry

Day 4 (12). Region of Kerkini

Iron Castle and Wine Tasting

Day 5 (13). Return to Thessaloniki

Day 7. Vultures and Lake Tikves

- Vulture feeding station and lakeshore

Day 8. The Iron Gates

- Return to Thessaloniki via Demir Kapija gorge

- Lunch together

Optional activity between main tour & extension

Day 8. Dinner and history walk in Thessaloniki

Full Itinerary

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Pelican fly-by


North Macedonia

Birds and Ancient Lakes

6-13 June 2022 - 8 days

£2,700 (sgl supp. £130)

Greece - Extension

Kings, Wine & more Birds

14-18 June 2022 - 5 days

£1,650 (sgl supp. £130)