Talks and Presentations

Invite us to speak at your local society, group or event.

We've given a range of talks to a variety of natural history societies and volunteers groups.

Generally, we structure the presentations with sections on nature, history and the people living and working in the region.

Some groups ask us to increase or decrease sections depending on their interest - maybe focus more on a particular species, or just on mammals, or more on conservation projects.

In the 'people' section, we often talk about environmental issues and the conservation work that organisations and national parks are undertaking, as well as life for shepherds and farmers in the Balkans.

Recently we have given talks on:

  1. Nature, History and Conservation around the Prespa lakes (Albania, Greece, North Macedonia)

  2. Nature and History of the Rhodope mountains (Bulgaria and Greece)

  3. Nature, History and Conservation in Southern Albania

  4. Balkan wildlife and conservation projects (Balkan lynx, Egyptian Vultures, Dalmatian Pelicans).

To get an idea of the talks' contents, you can see the 'trailer' video on this page for our Albania talk.

The talks are accompanied by photos and video, and we can bring our own HD projector.​

The duration is up to your group. We were once asked to do the Prespa talk above for 90 minutes and another time to condense it to 45. And so our charges vary between £50-£100 depending on any extra work customising our talks and the distance to travel. 

The talks are not designed to showcase our tours. We do of course run tours in these places that we present, but the idea of each talk is to introduce you to the wildlife and histories of this relatively unknown corner of Europe.

For more information, please contact Chris on 07506 381757 or write to us at

Watch a trailer for a talk:

'Nature, History & Conservation in Albania'